Welcome to this work in progress.

Artful Making? What’s that about? The work of making theatre and the work of making software have many similarities. This site, and the book, Artful Making, explore these similarities and invite visitors to extend their understanding of either or both. In addition, this website addresses the interesting questions that surround “special things,” those products that somehow transcend normal judgments, that attract attention beyond their apparent value.


4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Hi Lee,

    I am one of the organizers for the Agile Games conference (www.AgileGames2012.com), and we’re looking to round out our 2012 program, currently scheduled for April 19-21 in Cambridge Massachusetts. Our conference is a unique event with about 120 people looking at concepts like serious play and collaborative exercises to further software development and learning. It seems your message may really resonate with this audience and I was wondering if you’d be interesting in discussing this a little further to see if you may me a match for this program. I’d be happy to discuss further at your convenience if you’re interested.

    -Brian Bozzuto, Agile Games 2012 Event Chair

  2. My 35-year career at DuPont had a strong focus on innovation and leads me to believe that innovation, especially in the sciences, has been the primary driving force for economic and cultural progress over the past century. And so a library-full of “how to” and “what did they do” books have been written on the subject. Now Lee Devin and Robert Austin have broken the mold with this exciting new look at how innovation can be stimulated by the arts, especially theatre. Instead of teaching about the old focuses such as market share they bring us “Special Things” (would Steve Jobs have loved this) and “plot”. Read about plot, coherence and resonance; experience a new approach to innovation of all flavors. Five stars!

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